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Dzi Crystal Sdn Bhd.

Gelugor, , Malaysia

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DziCrystal.Com is an online store that sells natural crystal, jewelry and ornament, dzi bead from Tibet, precious & semi precious gemstone and Feng Shui Auspicious item at all time low wholesale prices from Asia!
The family members of DziCrystal.Com have ventured into natural crystal and gemstone business for more that 20 years in the Asia region. Our customer base involves end consumers and retailers throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and etc. With the setup of DziCrystal.Com, we hope to expand our customer base beyond Asia region such as US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
1.We sell only genuine and natural gemstone. Our crystal product, dzi bead and even feng shui auspicious item are made of natural stone.
2.We provide the gemstone grading information in our catalog as a guideline for their purchases.
3.We provide flexibility to custom-make bracelet, pendent, necklace for our customers using crystal and dzi bead or the combination of both. If you could not find the product in our catalog, just email to us at sales@dzicrystal.Com.
We have three main product lines, namely natural crystal, Tibetan dzi bead and feng shui auspicious item.
Our natural crystal products are bracelets, pendants, necklaces, loose beads made of natural stones such as citrine, amethyst, aventurine, tourmaline, moon stone, tiger’s eye, onyx, pink quartz and etc, just to name a few. We also carry some of the rare stones such as sugilite, ammonite and etc.
We also sell authentic pure Tibetan dzi bead (or tian zhu in Mandarin) from the Land of Snow. All beads are carefully selected to ensure they meet our quality requirements. We only purchase the dzi beads direct from trusted and reliable dzi bead traders in Tibet. We carry authentic pure dzi bead only.Another hot product from DziCrystal.Com is Feng Shui auspicious items. In Feng Shui, only pure copper and natural stone have the ability to collect “qi” and not other materials. Most of our products are made of genuine natural stones to ensure the continuity of the Feng Shui tradition. We do not carry items manufactured using fiber or glass.
Products of DziCrystal.Com are sourced from various countries throughout the world such as Brazil, Africa, China and etc; pending on the type of stones needed. All the products are directly imported from stone-cutting factories that have been doing business with us for many years. Malaysia is the distribution hub for the above products to the rest of the world. We also have in house graduate gemologist (G.G from GIA) support for stone identification.

Products :
Trader and exporters of Jems. Such as:- Amber -Amber with Ant -Amber with Bug -Amber with Crap -Amber with Frog -Amber with Scorpion -Amber with small bug -Amber with Spider Amulet -Burmese Jade Guan Yin Amulet -Red Agate Guan Yin Amulet Books -ANTIQUE TIBETAN THOGCHAGS AND SEALS -Chinese Warring State Glass Bead -Dzee -- The King of the Beads -EYE BEADS AND MAGIC AMULETS (2) -SEARCHING FOR A GOOD EYE -THE BEWITCHING BIJOU OF TIBET - AN ILLUSTRATION STUDY OF dZi BEAD -THE GZI BEADS OF TIBET -Unmask the mystery of amber -Collector's Items -Dzi Bead - Lumik with Balck and Red Aura -Dzi Bead - Lumik with Red Aura -Dzi Bead - Lumik with Red Eye and Red Aura -Rutilated Quartz Craft Crystal Ball -Calcite Crystal Ball 60cm -Rainbow Obsidian 65mm -Rock Crystal Ball 30mm Crystal Beads -Citrine Crystal Beads -Mixed Color Crystal Beads Crystal Bracelet -Agate 14x10mm Rice Shape -Amethyst 10mm Round -Amethyst 6mm Round Faceted -Aventurine 17x21mm Flower Cutting -Aventurine 8mm Apple -Aventurine 8mm Round -Blue Lace Agate 10mm Round -Blue Lace Agate 18x13mm Oval Crystal Pendent -Amethyst Apple 8x8mm -Amethyst Heart Shape 10x10mm -Aventurine 10x10 Heart Shape -Aventurine Apple 8x8mm -Aventurine Pendulum 20x8mm Crystal Tree -Agate Crystal Tree (Large) -Amethyst Crystal Tree -Aventurine Crytal Tree -Jade Crystal Tree Green -Jade Crystal Tree Mixed Color -Jade Crystal Tree Pink Dragon -Green Jade Dragon (Medium) -Green Jade Dragon (Small) Elephant -Yellow Jade Elephant Faux Diamond -Amethyst Faux Diamond -Lavender Faux Diamond -Orange Faux Diamond -Peridot Faux Diamond -Pink Faux Diamond -Yellow Faux Diamond -Mala Beads -Agate Mala 90cm -Aventurine Mala 90cm -Rose Quartz Mala 90cm -Tiger's Eye Mala 104cm Pagoda -Green Jade Pagoda -Yellow Jade Pagoda Pi Yao -Green Jade Pi Yao Tibetan Dzi Bead -Lighting Five Eyed Dzi Bead -Nine Eyed Dzi Bead -Seven Eyed Dzi Bead -Six Dragon Eyed Dzi Bead -Six Eyed Dzi Bead -Six Tiger Tooth Eyed Dzi Bead

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Dzi Crystal Sdn Bhd.

10, Lorong Merak Satu,
Taman Hwa Sing, Sungai Dua,
Gelugor - 11700 () Malaysia

Phone(s) : +604-6592178
Mobile : +604-124888526
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