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jewellery Member Directory(Shovel Sieves)

Jaunty Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

[Firozabad, India]
Manufacturers and exporters of Jewellery Products . Such as:- -Mix Beads -Lac Beads -Seed Beads -Glass Beads -Uncut Beads -Metal Beads -Crystal Beads -Wooden Beads -Ceramic Beads -Glass Pendent -Metal Beads -soap Stone Beads -ALUMINIUM BOX - with Aluminium containers/ Glass Top -PLASTIC BOX with 18 compartments -ALUMINIUM CONTAINERS -BEAD TRAY - BLACK -BEAD TRAY - NATURAL -TWEEZ.....


[Mumbai, India]
Dealers in All Kinds Of Goldsmiths, Jewellers, Hardware Tools, Diamond Tools, Jewellery Tools and Machinery. Diamond Tools: Posalux Type [DT001], Diamond Fly Wheel U.K. [DT002,3], Diamond Points [DT004,6]. Jewellery Tools: Anvil Brushes, Clamp Crucible, Doming Drill, Eye Glass Gauge, Hammer Mandrel, Ping Tong Plier, Polisher Rezi, Ring Sizer Scale, Shovel Sieves, Tweezer Draw Plate. .....


[Mumbai, India]
Dealers in all kinds of Goldsmith, Jewellers, Hardware Tools & Tools for Daimond Trade, General Suppliers & Export. We deal in Jewellery Tools: Anvil, Clamp, Doming, Eye Glass, Hammer, Ping Tong, Polisher, Ring Sizer, Shovel, Tweezer, Brushes, Crucible, Drill, Gauge, Mandrel, Plier, Rezi, Scale, Sieves, Draw Plate.Machinery: Jewellery Machines, Casting Machines......


[JAIPUR, India]
Amber Jewellery Amethyst Ametrin Ametrine Anklets Antique Jewellery Anvil Brushes Aquamarine Artificial Jwellery Aventurine .... B .... Bangle Designing Machine Bangles Black Onyx Black Rainbow Blue Calsy Blue Topaz Bracelet Broaches Brooches .... C .... Calcidony Calsy Treated Carnelian Chandan Mala Chinese Pearls Chokers Chrysophase Citrine Clamp Crucibl.....

Jaunty Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

[Tundla, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Beads and Costume Jewellery tool, findings and other accessories. Beads : Mix beads Lac beads Seed beads Glass beads Uncut beads Metal beads Ceramic beads Glass pendants Metal pendants Soap stone beads Wooden beads Other handicrafts such as : Purses Soap-Stone Ethnic Handicrafts Napkin Rings Ceramics Glass ware Glass Artifacts Wooden Undercut H.....

ABM Corp.

[PUNE, India]
Jewellery tools & supplies Goldsmith tools Silversmith tools Beading tools DIY tools Craft & Hobby tools Abrasive & anvils Beading tools Bench tools Cleaning tools Brushes & buffs Casting equipments Dapping Chucks & drills Eye loupes & magnifiers Drawing Engraving tools Files Gauges Hammers & mallets Mandrels Ring enlargers Ring clamps Pin vices Pliers Saw frames Polishin.....

Jewellery Members Directory(Shovel Sieves)


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