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Best Diamonds of India

A diamond is forever. Indian society has unanimously agreed with this statement generations ago. The shine of diamond sales are soaring high in the recent days. Explore the best dazzling diamonds that captivates the hearts of millions of Indians.

Nakshatra Diamonds

The world renowned Nakshatra diamonds were launched in 2000, with an equally dazzling Aishwarya Rai as its brand ambassador. In the present scenario Nakshatra diamonds occupy a leading position in the fashion diamond jewelry segment. The traditional diamond is the most wanted design among Nakshatra diamonds.

Nakshatra diamonds claim to shine your glamor and love life. They have aptly put their slogan as "brightest circles of light." Elegant and graceful Nakshatra diamonds are the epitome of passion, attitude and independence.

Adora Diamonds

Adora Diamonds were launched in India in July 2003 by Mumbai based Concept Jewelry (India) Ltd. On the present day the still expanding retail network centers of Adora expands to 117 outlets in 47 cities of India. Adora means glory in Spanish and claims that its diamond collection is themed on love. Adora diamonds are for adornment of every moment, occasion, and phase of life through its up and downs.

The Swaranjali signature collection of living legend Lata Mangeshkar is a unique feature of Adora diamonds. Each piece of Swaranjali collection is conceptualized and approved by Lata Mangeshkar and bears her laser printed signature.

Tanishq Diamonds

Tanishq diamonds are India's largest, most desirable and fastest growing Jewellery brand in India. Tanishq, launched in 1995, is the Jewellery business group of Titan Industries Ltd. On the present day Tanishq has 84 outlets in 61 cities of India. Tanishq diamonds embark the aspiration of emerging Indian women who uses tradition rather than being used by it.

Tanishq diamonds bring together the work of Karigars, who specialize in different ways of making the Jewellery. Tanishq diamonds comprises fashion and style in tradition bound category through its innovation driven 'collections' strategy.

Kiah Diamonds

World's largest volume manufacturer of diamonds-Sheetal manufacturing Company (SMC) launched its exquisite Kiah diamond collection in October, 2004. Kiah diamonds are claims to be for celebrating womanhood. The brand name 'Kiah' means beautiful place. On the latest Kiah diamonds have won the Best Showroom in the DTC Diamond Season for 2005-2006.

Nirvana Diamonds

Nirvana Diamonds from Fine Jewellery (I) Ltd. was launched in 1987 in India. Nirvana diamonds are targeting at fashion conscious, modern and independent thinking women. Internationally acclaimed Nirvana diamonds are manufactured by using state-of-the-art technology. As a proof of their quality Nirvana was among one of the brands to offer lifetime warranty to its consumers.

D'damas Diamonds

D'damas Diamonds are part of Gitanjali Digico Group and one of the earliest diamond houses established in India in 1966. On the present day D'damas Diamonds offer highly modernized diamond cutting and polishing facilities at five locations in India. D'damas Diamonds claim to promote a range of emotions through their collections.

The sparkling diamonds have always fascinated women from time immemorial. Diamonds are the best way to express to your someone special that she is very precious to you. Check out the best design that you can find out from these unique brands and make a special place for itself.

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