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Gemstone Therapy

Gemstone therapy is an alternative technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues and patterns. Gemstones are used as guides that focus on energies and help individuals to get in touch with the universal forces that surround them.

Loose Stones. The gemstones are not the forces themselves, merely they are a reflection of energies that are already present and are amplified and tuned for a person's use, not misuse.

Gemstones carry vibrational rates and by placing these vibrational rates within the aura - your aura's vibrational rates also change.

The simplest way to practice gemstone therapy is to wear gemstone beads around the neck. The intention of the person wearing the gemstones strengthens the process but is not necessary.

When wearing gemstones, try to avoid metal surrounds as this inhibits the therapy process. Metal often greatly reduces or even elimates the therapeutic effect of the gemstone.

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